Gorgeous Indian Babe Gives Great Head For Free Classes

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With her beautiful face and tantalizing dark eyes, you would expect Indian babe Bettina to be engrossed in shopping and fashion. But this lady is more interested in becoming a web designer. She knows how expensive enrolling in class will be so she seeks help from her ex-lover who runs a web design company. Her ex-boyfriend agrees to teach her some web design techniques at his home this weekend.

She thinks it’s just an ordinary lesson but when she shows up, he demands her to give his cock great action. She’s so disgusted she says no. But her ex is a cunning dude, telling her she can only get free web design lessons from him if she does as he wish. Knowing she can’t afford lessons, she figures, why not? She lets her ex kiss every inch of her silky-sweet body. After he finishes tasting her, he pushes her head down to begin satisfying his stiff cock. With more enthusiasm than she ever had while they were together, Bettina works his knob until he blows a huge wad of sticky jizz all over her pretty face. Be sure to catch how this sexy Indian girl’s web design lesson progresses.

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