Gorgeous Indian Bitch Masturbates To Move On From Heartbreak

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Indian belle Michelle expects her Valentine’s Day to be a sad affair since she is a single girl. Her beau left her for her best friend. She tries to recover from the split by going out with different dudes. She fucks with them, but most of the time they don’t meet her standards.

To avoid more disappointments, Michelle decides to stop cavorting around town with men. She stays at home on Valentine’s Day, with nothing to do all day. She gets bored doing nothing and decides to shower and watch TV after.

Michelle puts on a new pair of panties and flops down the couch to watch TV. She flips around channels until she sees a hot footage of a handsome man. This makes her stop clicking on the remote and she stares in wide-eyed amazement at what she is seeing onscreen. It’s an xxx-rated video and the gorgeous actor is getting a blow job from his beautiful partner. Michelle watches the scene from start to finish and feels her beaver get wet . She starts to give in to temptation and plays with her hungry pussy which gives her the hottest orgasm. See More Of What This Indian Girl Can Offer On This Site!

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