Indian Honey Plays With Hot Stranger For Extra Cash

sexy Indian stripper

Bea was fooled by her friends on this vacation. Her friends told her that they have paid for a solo art gallery visit for her. But when she arrived, the staff harassed her to pay. Since she didn’t have any cash, she decided to go back to her hotel. She was shocked when she opened the hotel suite and discovered that her friends left her. Her luggage and personal valuables were gone, leaving her broke.

Within minutes, a new guest came to the room. He asked this Indian babe to leave the room. But she didn’t know where she would go. She had no money to seek help. The guest, a attractive dude stared at her gorgeous Indian profile. He said that maybe he could give her emergency bills but she had to do her best to please him in bed. Check out the nasty price Bea has to pay for emergency cash.

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