Mere Naukrani

Dear Cyberfriends. It is a very true story of me, (JUST BELIEVE OR LEAVE) first of all I want to give intro of myself I m 22 years living in Karachi 6 feet n 2 inches tall (only) (FTBH) Fair Tall Broad Handsome. It happens to me only few days back and i want to share my lucky time with all my cyber friends, and now the story begins: it was a Cool Tuesday night and I was alone in my home with my governess (RANDI, NAUKRANI, MAASI, PROSTITUTE). On that day I was not feeling well and I was lying on my bed and talking with my GF on phone.

After that she came into my room n said “SAFAI KARNI HAI” I replied her carry on n I was talking with my GF. When she was cleaning my computer table I felt that she was not in cleaning mode n my thought was correct she asked me “MUJHE FONE PER BAAT KARNI HAI” I replied her to wait for 15 mins and she was still standing behind me, I asked her “SAFAI KARO JALDI MUJHKO JANA HAI, SHE REPLIED MUJHE BAAT KARNI HAI ZARORI FONE PER” I said to my GF I want to go now talk you later and disconnect the line n said to her “NUMBER BOLO”, when she was talking on phone I was taking shower when I came back in my room she was still talking I asked her to disconnect the line she did it as I said when I was pressing my clothes she asked me “SAHIB JI AAP KIS SE BAAT KAR RAHE THEY” I replied her “TUM SE MATLAB”‘

After that she said “MEIN NE AAP KO SHOWER LETE HOYE DEKHA THA AAP KA LUND BUHAT BARA HAI MUJHE AAP SE CHUDWANA HAI” I was shocked n said “HOSH MEIN HO” she said “GHAR PER KOI NAHIN HAI AAP MUJHKO JALDI JALDI CHODNA KISE KE AANE SE PEHLE, MEIN BUHAT DIN SE TARAP RAHI HOON AAP KA LUND CHOOSNE AUR LENE KO” and she came closer to me and hold my dick in her hand and ask “KYA MEIN ISSE DEKH SAKTI HOON AUR CHOOS SAKTI HOON”‘ I thought in my heart today is my EID, I replied her “YEH AAJ TUMHARA HAI JO MARZI AYE KARO CHOOSO YA PHER KHELO ISSE” and she sucked my dick as “GOLA GANDA” I enjoyed a lot i said “MEIN HONE WALA HOON WOH BOLI MERE MOON MEIN HOJAO” n she drank all my CUM (MANEY) after that she said “AB MUJHE CHOODO” I asked her “TUMHE PERIODS (MENSOS) TO NAHIN HORAHE HAIN’ she asked WOH KYA HOTA HAI’ I said TUMHE KHOON TO NAHIN AARAHA HAI’ she said “NAHIN” when I was fucking her she was screaming n saying “MERE JAN MUJHE PEHLE KABHI ITNA BARA LUND NAHIN DIYA KISI NE, AUR ZOR SE CHOODO AUR ZOR SE HAAN BUS THORA AUR THORA AUR BUS MEIN BHI HONE WALI HOON” when she was cummed I said “MUJHE TERE GAAND MARNI HAI RANDI” she said “NAHIN SAHIB JI MEIN NE PEHLE KABHI NAHIN KARA PHECHE SE” I said “AAJ KARNA FIR BATANA KE MAZA AAYA KE NAHIN”‘ when I was inserting in her ASS she said “MADERCHOOD BUHAT TAKLIEF HORAHI HAI MEIN NE KAHA BUS THORA AUR HAI SABAR KAR NA BEHNCHOOD RANDI KI ZAAT” when my DICK was fully inserted in her ASS she said ” SAHIB JI BUHAT BARA HAI TUMHARA LUND” I said “YEH TO SIRF 8.5*2.5 HAI TERE KO MAZA ARAHA HAI KE NAHIN”‘ when I was empty in her ASS I took out my DICK and took a shower and changed my clothes and went for a date with my GF and again same thing…………………….

That’s another story I’ll share with you later.
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REGARDZ: Bil’s would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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