Talat – Erotic Story

Talat had finished college early. He came in from the hot afternoon sun, sweating and dirty from the motorcycle ride home. The apartment was cool, dark and silent as he walked to his bedroom. He Showered and changed his clothes. Putting a pair of long loose shorts and a vest on, He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes, but couldn’t sleep.

Talat was 18 years old. He had 2 elder brothers; Raza 22, and Hassan 21 and three elder sisters; Nighat 24, Mussarat 23 and Kiran 26. They all lived in a small apartment off University Road, Karachi. His father had a small electronics shop at Regal Chowk where Raza and Hassan worked with their father. His sisters were all working as teachers at a nearby school.

Talat was feeling hot. His cock was hard and burning hot in his shorts as he lay there alone. He had no girlfriend and no money to have one. The only relief he had was masturbation. He shared his room with his two brothers and so it was sometimes difficult to be alone and muht mar (Masturbate). He usually had to wait until they were asleep and then do it. Sometimes he would hear his brothers masturbating and see their hands pulling on their Lunds (Cocks) when they thought everyone was sleeping. It was good manners to pretend to be asleep and say nothing. He was sure them saw him doing it sometimes but ignored him.

Talat pushed his hand down into his shorts and took hold of his prick. It was so very hot. He spat on his hand and smeared the drop of pre-cum on his piss hole around the fat head of his cock. He began to gently squeeze and pull at his shaft as his other hand held the waist band of his shorts open so he could watch. He squeezed his eyes closed and thought of mamme (breasts) and gaand (ass) and sweet lips kissing him and soft hands stroking his Lund. He thought of the smell of perfume and the taste of lipstick and wanted to cum so hard.

The breasts he thought of, the ass he saw in his mind and the hands that stroked him in his dreams were always the same. The lips that kissed were also hers.. Kiran.

As he pulled harder on his cock he pushed his shorts down and whispered her name over and over again. Finally it happened, the pressure building up in his balls was too strong and he came. His white creamy juice shot up from his Lund and sprayed his stomach and chest.

He lay panting as the last drops of cum, fell from his piss-hole.

He loved Kiran so much. She was the one who had held him in her goud (lap) when he was a baby. She was the one who had held his hand on his first day of kindergarten; she was his friend, his protector, his advisor. She was everything to him.

As Talat had grown up; He had watched movies and xxx films and learnt what a woman and man could do together. He especially liked films like “Taboo’ and ‘Nena’ where daughters, sons, parents and brothers and sisters had sex together. He liked brother/sister sex most and always pretended it was him and Kiran having the sex he saw in the film. If only he could put a magic spell on Kiran and make her do exactly what he wanted her to? If only he could take a shower with her and touch her body all over. So many images of brothers fucking sisters flashed through his mind. So many ways he would make love to her, if only his dreams came true. Kiran never suspected a thing. She accepted his comforting hug as the hug of a loving brother. He was her favourite sibling. Her baby brother, still….. Kiran always treated Talat like a little boy. She never knew what was in his heart and Talat never told her. ………. Kiran was making tea when he came into the kitchen later that evening. She smiled at him and turned to open the fridge door. Her back was towards him and Talat looked at her figure closely. Kiran was slim, about 5ft 2 with a 36 d, 24, 35 figure.

Her hair was long, down to her waist, black and silky, with red highlights.

Her complexion was like Talat’s tanned. Not dark but not white either. Her eyes were black and were a large almond shape; her mouth was small with thin lips and perfect white teeth. Talat leaned forward and reached into the fridge. His hand on Kiran’s back as if to steady himself and tell her he was there. Kiran waited for him to take out what he wanted and stood up. She did not notice or mind his hand on her back. Why should she? She didn’t know what Talat dreamed about when he masturbated. Kiran was wearing a house suit and no dupatta (head/neck scarf). Since the men in the house were her brothers and father, she didn’t have to wear it. Talat saw that the suit was a little loose (Kiran had lost weight) and with a low neckline. Talat could see her breasts as she leaned over to take something from the lower cabinet. He saw her black bra holding her fat round breasts and had to leave the kitchen scared that she might see his erection filling his trousers in front. ……………. Six months earlier he and his family had all gone to attend a wedding at their home village in the Punjab. The male guests all slept in the courtyard of the groom’s house while the female guests had slept in side the house. Because everyone knew he was devoted to Kiran, Talat had been allowed to sleep inside the farm house with Kiran and the other girls.

He had woken up in the night because something or someone had pushed him. Opening his eyes, he had seen his 25 year old cousin Ali, kissing Kiran on her face and squeezing her tightly. Talat had seen them talking together all day under the shade of an old large mango tree. Now here Ali was, in the farm house. Talat had kept silent for Kiran’s sake. She would be blamed as a city girl with no traditional values, if he made a fuss.

Talat watched as they were both whispering and Kiran was telling Ali that it was too dangerous. ‘There were too many people…someone might wake up.’ Ali had ignored her, pulling his shalwar (baggy trousers) off and pressing her down as he got on top of her and began pulling at her cloths. They were struggling and Kiran was telling Ali not to do it or she would scream. Ali was moving his ass up and down between Kiran’s legs. He put a hand over Kiran’s mouth and told her to be quiet and enjoy it. Kiran got very angry and slapped Ali hard on the face. This made him stop. He tied his shalwar back on and called her a bad name as he left her alone.

Talat had watched as Kiran pulled her shalwar up and tied her nara (cord holding shalwar up). She was weeping. Next day Ali came up to Kiran while she was walking in the wheat fields with Talat and took her hand and kissed it. He said that he was sorry and that she was so beautiful that he had lost his mind. Ali had offered Talat his motorcycle to and go somewhere but Talat refused. He didn’t like Ali,

Finally, Kiran had asked him to go and so he had gone. But he had watched as Ali had lead Kiran off into a small jungle nearby.

He had followed them and hid nearby and after ten minutes he had quietly came closer and saw that Kiran was lying down with her shalwar off, letting Ali run his hands all over her naked legs and ass. Kiran had also removed her kamiz (long shirt) and Ali was squeezing her breasts and sucking her nipples like a baby sucking at it’s mother’s breast. Kiran did not stop him this time as he opened her legs wider and got between them without his shalwar. Ali had his hand on Kiran’s mouth and was kissing her neck as she held him tightly.

Ali had reached his hand between Kiran and himself and then thrust his hips forward very hard. Kiran’s cry had been stopped by Ali’s hand as he pressed his hips against her and asked her to relax and enjoy it. Talat had watched as Ali’s ass moved faster and faster between his sister’s legs and had felt so jealous and angry.

Ali had stopped moving and Kiran was crying asking him why he had done it inside her, after he had promised to take it out before he came…

Ali sat on the ground beside her and told her that it would be alright. Kiran had cried and said it hurt her and Ali had said the pain would soon go.

As Kiran started to pull her shalwar back on, Ali had pressed her again to the ground and getting back between her legs he had fucked her again. Talat had watched as Kiran had made faces that seemed to be from pleasure and pain. Ali had pumped her hard and again cum inside her.

When Kiran had cried because he had put his munni (seed) in her again after he had promised not to; Ali had laughed and said that she should not worry as he would ask to marry her that evening.

After that day, Talat never looked at Kiran the same way again.

Later that night as Talat pretended to be asleep, he watched as Ali came quietly into the room and pulled Kiran’s shalwar off and had sex with her again. This time Kiran made no protest as he came in her.

Whenever Talat would go for a walk with Kiran; suddenly Ali would appear. Kiran would then ask Talat to go and explore the farm or swim; then Ali and Kiran would go into the Jungle.

Talat always followed and watched as Ali had sex with Kiran.

After he had had sex with her Kiran would ask him when he would go to her father and propose. Ali always made an excuse to Kiran about proposing. ‘My parents are busy in the wedding….Your father looked angry….Your mother was busy etc.

That was 6 months ago and for a long time after they came back, Kiran had been very sad and worried. Talat would sit beside her like he always did and hug her as she wept quietly in her room Then news came that Ali was engaged to another cousin of his and would soon be married. Kiran had become very sad and depressed; Only Talat was the one who knew the reason. After many days and nights of hugging her as he sat beside her Kiran started to recover. She never told anyone about Ali and what they had done. Why should she be shamed in her family’s eyes? Finally Kiran had been become her normal self again. One thing did happen, every time a proposal came for marriage, Kiran would reject it. Finally, people stopped asking for her.

Talat wished he could squeeze her breasts and lick her nipples like Ali had done. He hated Ali. He hated him for making Kiran cry; He hated him for fucking Kiran. He hated him for not keeping his word to Kiran. Talat also hated himself a little bit, for not having the correct thoughts about Kiran.

Talat always took Kiran where ever she wanted to go. She would sit on the back of his motorcycle and hold on to his waist as they went along. Talat would go fast and that would make Kiran scared and she would hold him very tightly as she would shout at him to go slowly. Talat liked the feel of her holding him tight and the idea that her breasts were pressing against his back made his cock hard. He especially liked it when the road was busy. The start-stop way he rode made Kiran slide into him as she tried to hold on. Once they were in the bazaar in a shop with many people crowding around, he was standing almost touching her, behind her as she was looking at some fabric when the lights went out in the area. Without thinking, he put one hand on her breast and the other on her ass and squeezed hard, when she screamed he asked her what had happened but she just said someone had scared her. The power came back on and the moved to another shop. It was a shoe shop and again it was crowded. Talat stood behind her again, as she looked at the shoes. Kiran asked his opinion about a shoe, the power again went off and he felt her come close to him for protection. Her breasts pressed against his chest for a second and he was in heaven.

Later she told him that someone had squeezed her and she had not told him because she didn’t want him to fight. That night Talat had masturbated very hard as he remembered the feel of her breast and her bottom in his hands and how lovely it was to be close to her like in the shoe shop. As he had pulled and squeezed his cock till he came, he imagined again, Ali fucking her but this time, he was Ali. And his munni (spunk) was the munni filling her choot. (pussy). ……..

Friday night there was a function at a family friend’s house and everyone wanted to go. Talat offered to stay home a take care of Kiran who was feeling very weak from a migraine headache. The tablets she took were very strong and made her sleep deeply when she took them. His parents asked him to lock the main door properly as they would come home very late.

After everyone had left, Talat sat beside Kiran’s bed. , massaging her forehead, until she fell asleep. He then went to his room and changed into his sleeping Shalwar and vest and tried to sleep. It was difficult to sleep. Kiran was asleep in the next room. The Apartment was silent and they were alone. He had wished for this situation so many times and now he had his chance.

After half an hour, he got up and went into Kiran’s room. It was not too dark. Kiran was lying on her back with her arm over her eyes sleeping. Talat went over and gently shook her. When she didn’t respond her shook her harder and called her name. She didn’t move.

Talat stood up and pressed his hard cock through the material of his shalwar. He was very hot and very scared. Kiran was wearing an old pink cotton shalwar kamiz she used to sleep in. She looked so beautiful lying there. Her body relaxed with one hand on her stomach and an arm over her eyes. Talat watched her breasts rise and fall slowly as she breathed.

He sat on the bed, beside her hip and imagined that he was her husband coming to her on their wedding night. He leaned forward and kissed her mouth softly. The soft first kiss for a shy bride, on her Shuhaag Rat….. Her lips tasted of something familiar…but he could not remember what it was. He moved her arms gently to her sides and stared at her face. So calm and peaceful… He kissed her cheeks and smelled the scent of Lux soap on her skin.

Talat put his left hand on his cock and rubbed it as his right hand took a breast gently in a cupped hand and pressed it.

He put both hands on her breasts and squeezed them hard; The way a man would squeeze his bride’s tits on their first night.

The Bride would moan as the husband played with her large mamme (tits). The bride would pull her husband’s head down to kiss and lick her breasts. The bride would undo her kamiz and pull it off, giving her husband freedom to suck, kiss and lick her breasts before the husband would take her bra off and throw it on the floor.

Then the husband would press his face on her breasts and squeeze and play with them while his bride moaned and sighed.

Talat thought all these thoughts and wanted to see Kiran’s breasts naked as her husband would. Talat eased the loose kamiz up over her thighs and stomach and then stopped. If he took it off, could he get it back on her? Unsure what to do he reached under her kamiz and put his hands on her breasts. No. this was not good enough. A husband would not settle for this.

Talat eased the kamiz up over and then gently lifting Kiran into a sitting position he struggled and pulled until her kamiz was off. Laying her back down her licked his lips as he saw her soft full breasts trapped in a white cotton bra. The bra was a cheap one he decided. Not fancy or sexy. No. a husband would find Kiran’s breasts in an expensive lacy and very sexy bra. The type that he saw when he went shopping with her, the type that allowed the dark brown nipples to show through the lace. Kiran’s husband would see her nipples hard and pointed, pushing through the lace and he would suck them one at a time while Kiran held his head and begged him to suck them more.

He turned her gently on her side and undid the cheap bra at the back. Kiran had not made a sound as she slept. Unaware that Talat was slowly stripping her naked.

Talat was sweating now. From fear and from sexual hunger. His prick was throbbing and leaking in his shalwar. He hoped he would not cum in hid shalwar and ruin things.

He laid Kiran on her back and removed her bra. He watched as her breasts seemed to spill side ways from her bra cups. Her breasts parting with her nipples settling not quite at the centre of the each breast.

They were not as firm, hard and proud as the xxx video stars’ were. These were real, not silicon. He took a breast in each hand and pushed them together. His thumbs pressing and stroking the nipples. Then he knelt beside her and took a nipple in his mouth and closing his eyes, he sucked it. This was what a husband did. This is how it felt to suckle the breast of your bride. This was how a husband fondled and handled his wife’s breasts.

Talat thought he felt Kiran’s breasts harden but, she was still deep in her drugged sleep.

Talat felt his prick throb and clenched his butt cheeks together as his balls seemed to roll around in his ball sack.

The Husband would now be undoing her shalwar and pushing his hand down onto his bride’s choot. His fingers would be teasing her slit, toying with her clit. Making his bride hot and wet and ready for him. A husband would remove his own shalwar and tugging Kiran’s shalwar down, her husband would slide between her legs, pressing down with his hips, forcing her legs to part more as he guided his hard Lund towards her wet waiting hole.

A husband would kiss Kiran on her lips as he pressed the tip of his cock into her vaginal mouth. Kiran would tense, as all brides do, when their new husband puts his cock head into her opening for the first time. Kiran would tense and cry as he thrust into her. She would feel like her body was being split open by a red hot iron bar. The husband would press his hand over her mouth or kiss her to stop her screams as his other hand took a steel-like grip of her buttock and he heaved two or three times, splitting her open with his cock.

Talat looked at the flat smooth tummy of Kiran and sighed. Kiran’s virginity was gone. Her husband would not have it. Ali had taken it and had not valued it.

Talat lay on the bed beside Kiran and pressed his hardness in his shalwar against her hips. He reached for her Nara and undid it, and then ever so carefully, he slipped his hand into her shalwar and onto her bald, hairless choot. How soft and warm it felt; how perfectly shaped for a man’s hand to hold; what a treasure for any man. He felt her slit, it was warm but dry. His head spun as her teased the slit and his finger pressed at her hole. He felt her get wet..just a little and pulling his hand slowly out he smelled the scent of his sister’s pussy. It smelled like nothing he could have imagined. It’s scent made his head get light and his heart miss a beat. By now a husband would be pumping and groaning away, with his lund inside her.

It would be so satisfying to slide between her legs and push his Lund into her hot tight box..just as her husband would.

A husband would press his Lund deep into her and slowly begin to move his hips. A husband would feel her hot, wet and tight box squeeze and resist him. Kiran would slowly accept his Lund’s invasion of her body and respond to the movements of his hips with movements of her own. Her firm gaand (ass) would rise up to meet his inward thrust and fall as he eased back out of her Lund (cock) filled choot.(pussy) . A husband would feel the pressure building in his balls and would grunt in satisfaction as his seed was shot into Kiran’s waiting womb. A husband would plant his seed, pressing his cock deep in her as the last drops of munni dripped into her spunk filled hole; and then he would roll off her.

Talat sighed as he pushed his hand back down Kiran’s shalwar to her pussy and gently pressed it as he kissed her face and rubbed himself against her thigh. He wanted to be in her, but knew that was going too far. He had no condoms and Kiran was unprotected. She might wonder what the throbbing in her pussy was next morning. No. He would not fuck her.

A husband would. He would fuck her on top, from behind, sideways and standing up. Yes. A husband would make sure he planted a seed in her womb on their wedding night. That was expected. That was demanded by culture.

Talat rolled Kiran onto her side and untied his shalwar. Lifting her thigh, he sandwiched his cock between her thin upper thighs, his hot throbbing and very leaky cock head pressed against her shalwar cover choot. Holding her as tightly as he could, without waking her, he began to move his cock back and forth (argay- pechay) between her legs. Her ass pressed against his stomach as he held her hip and dry humped her.

He pushed the back of her shalwar down and looked at the dark line of her butt crack. He ran a finger along it and felt the hot flesh with a strange pleasure he could not explain. Why was the skin so soft and smooth there? Why did he want to lick it?

A husband would do that and perhaps more…, much more. Like in the xxx videos.

Talat moved his hips again and felt the relief of ejaculation as his balls and ass clenched tight and his pulsating lund spat a stream of semen out from between Kiran’s thighs.

After the pleasure had lessened and his senses returned he slowly separated from Kiran and stood up. The bed sheet was wet with his puddles of spunk. He cursed himself as he took his vest off and tried to dry the puddles before they could stain. What would Kiran think of the hard yellowish stain on her white bed sheet? He then slowly and gently, pulled Kiran’s shalwar up and retied the Nara. Putting her bra back on was a nightmare he could never have imagined. The kamiz was a worse nightmare. Finally, he had done the best he could do and hoping Kiran would not wonder why her cloths were so untidy, he went back to his room and fell asleep.

Kiran was in his dreams. In her red embroidered wedding dress, with her bridal make up and jewellery on, waiting for her husband on the bridal double bed.

The door opened and a man came in wearing a blue sherwani (long formal coat) and puggri (Turban). He walked over to Kiran and taking her chin gently lifted her face to look at him. Kiran’s eyes shyly and slowly looked up into the face of her new husband, and then she smiled lovingly and said “Talat”.

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